• Secure Hosting

    Secure Hosting allows your site to be accessed using the HTTPS protocol which encrypts the data transmitted between a visitor’s web browser and your website. It’s not just words that we mumble

  • Reliable Performance

    Speedy, professional & back to back reliable performance that will not only enhance your website performance but also put you on the spot as a leader

  • Rewarding Upgrades

    Not that we offer multiple premium packages for your project but we continuously work on upgrading your package service in order to always be able to serve you better

  • We’re Ready To Help

    Not only we speak arabic which might facilitate your process with our help team, but we will always be dedicated to your project. You are always our number one concern and we’ll always be there at your service

  • Easy-to-use Control Panel

    Presenting you with the most dynamic step-by-step facilitating control panel so that you can work effectively and in a speedy manner without raveling into too much technicalities or difficulties

  • The best there is

    Serving you with the best and up-to-date service there is for your business. With CloudHosta always be sure that your business will not be dealt with as a project but will be carefully handled as our own

  • Multiple Platforms

    At CloudHosta we present to you multiple platforms that will agree with your business regardless of its type from hosting emails, web hosting, to hosting something as big as online stores

  • Specialized for eCommerce

    Specializing in handling servers for e-commerce websites is a craft that we know how to master. Be sure that with CloudHosta your business goals and objectives will be considered at all times to be achieved