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Cloud Hosta gives you the specialized expertise you need to run it
  • Business Hosting

    WordPress powers more than 17% of the web - a figure that rises every day. Everything from simple websites, to blogs, to complex portals and enterprise websites, and even applications, are built with WordPress

  • Secure & Reliable

    Your account will be protected and regularly backed up, never worry with CloudHosta

  • Easy-to-use Hosting Panel

    On accessing your hosting panel, you will notice usability of the panel properties, as well as direct display of your usage and monthly reports

  • 50 Email Accounts

    You have up to 50 emails accounts directly registered to your domain into our hosting servers


When you think what CloudHosta is all about, we can easily tell you that is aimed at providing

    With Cloud Hosta Webmail service, our clients will not have to set up their emails on the computer or mobile phone. With Cloud Hosta mail take control of your business and always be up to date


    Not only Webmails are dynamically and constantly being updated and re-loaded for new mails, you can open your Webmail by using apple mail, setting up outlook, or even downloading it to your mobile phone


    With Cloud Hosta, your web mails are created at a glance. With our experienced team of professionals you’ll always been in good hands


    Interactive, reliable, and up to date business emails that are set up for you business. Fast loading, auto-download, and stable performance is why you should be choosing us.

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Cloud Hosta gives you the specialized expertise you need to run it
How do I reset my hosting password?

Your hosting account is linked to your email address, you will receive all the updates over there. Below are the instructions to reset your password.

  1. Open your hosting URL:
  2. Click on “Lost your password?”
  3. Input your username and click “Continue”
What is the maximum mailbox storage?

Your mailbox is fully armed and ready with an amount of 1 GB (Gigabytes) storage.

Why am I not receiving any emails?

Your mailbox is most probably full.

To know your available storage left, click on the menu icon Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 6.51.40 PMon the top right of your mailbox screen, then in the drop down menu, check the storage left.

If the mailbox is full, mark and delete emails with large file (Make sure to download an offline backup of any necessary document).

If you notice that you still have available storage, please notify us by sending an email to

How do I access my webmail account?

Open your web browser and enter in the address bar:, then enter your email address and password and click the Log In button.

Will I recieve spam messages at my email?

No. We always update the spam filtering system we use for our Email boxes in a multi-layered process that eliminates 98% of spam—with nearly zero false positives.

You get spam filtering at no additional cost with all your Email accounts.

What is the maximum size for an Attachment?

The Maximum size for an attachment in our servers t is 50mb.

How long should I send a notification before transferring my domain?

In order to transfer your domain, you need to follow these steps:
1- Send a request to
2- Receive the EPP code and domain unlock confirmation.
3- Receive the Verification Code on your registered email.

Note: Domain transfers requests are only valid 15 days prior to the domain renewal date.